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Over 35 000 Europeans have signed our petition in French and English demanding that European leaders craft a reconstruction deal for Syria that is respectful of human rights.


In solidarity with all the victims of barbarity, we refuse to subsidize the future of war criminals. Our taxes currently finance aid programs for civilian populations in Syria, United Nations funds largely controlled by the Bashar al Assad regime and its supporters (1). But this holdup of our money by the Syrian regime for six years – corruption that has been tolerated because of the unbearable scope of the Syrian crisis – must cease with the end of the conflict.

True to its founding spirit – solidarity with peoples plagued by war – the European Union has been heavily involved in the humanitarian relief effort in Syria since the beginning of the popular uprising in March 2011. With 9.4 billion € pledged( 2), and through various funding mechanisms, the European Commission and the EU Member States are the biggest contributors to the aid effort in the region. 

We, European citizens, refuse to consider a common future with a cruel and criminal regime.

The massive influx of refugees in Europe is a manmade catastrophe unprecedented since the beginnings of the European project. The integrity of the Union is shaken by the rise of the xenophobic parties and the BREXIT.


Because the future of Europe and our freedoms are also being played out in Syria, and as talks of a ceasefire and political transition begin, we demand that our money eventually earmarked for the development and reconstruction of Syria does not benefit members of a regime responsible for innumerable acts of torture, massacres (4) and the forced displacement of more than 11 million Syrians (5).


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