Danaï Is a french NGO co-founded in 2017 by Dr. Félix Blanc and Stephanie Lamy who met in 2013 at Internet Without Borders.

Previously, Félix had researched french citizen engagement around military operations, whereas Stephanie had developed a new methodology for delivering resources to civil society in conflict zones including Libya.

In 2018 Danaï onboarded chief of technology, Prof. Richard Brooks, as well a chief of Institutional relations, Dr. Cynthia Salloum.

The technologies developed by Danaï embody their combined expertise of leveraging civil society initiatives, during armed conflicts.

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P2PR2P is a private encrypted emergency ressource distribution tool which integrates a multi stakeholder interface. It can be deployed on multiple zones.

P2PR2P secures requests and offers, matches and dispatches knowledge, relationships and other forms of aid via a myriad of small trusted channels and provides a better than blockchain audit trail.

Donor to recipient hierarchy is abolished.

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A public online citizen engagement platform which will allow Danaï to strategically curate and aggregate conflict specific campaigns, research and lobbying. It will raise awareness among citizens out of conflict zones on how wars abroad affect their own countries.

Danaï is honoured to announce that its P2PR2P emergency ressource distribution tool is among the 114 projects selected from around the world showcased during the second edition of the Paris Peace Forum in 2019.


Danaïdes is helping people and communities affected by the Coronavirus sanitary crisis in France. read-more


Science Po Toulouse is one of the nine Institutes of Political Studies of France. It is a higher education and research establishment, autonomous within one of the oldest universities in Europe: The University of Toulouse, founded in 1229. Danaï has struck a partnership with Science Po Toulouse in order to engage Master II level students in International Relations with the P2PR2P & Citzn tools, as of September 2019.


Clemson University’s technology department was ranked No. 6 among academic institutions in the US and No. 60 worldwide on the list of TOP 500 Supercomputing Sites. A team 5 technologists (PhD researchers and post-doctorates) has now developed a working mock-up of the P2PR2P tool to be certified by CURE lab for security compliance scheduled for August 2019.